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Wednesday, 5 November 2008


This is a great technique based on the work and thinking of Neville Goddard (1905 to 1972). The term "Nevillizing" was used by Joe Vitale in his books "The Attractor factor" and "The Key".

It works like this.......

When working towards a goal, help to make it really vivid by imagining that you have already achieved it. Then describe how it feels in intimate detail to have or be the thing that you desire. Better still write it down.

For example, if your goal is to get a new convertible car, see yourself leaving your house and walking across your drive to it. The sun is glinting on it's beautiful sleek metallic paintwork. As you slide in you feels the sumptuous leather seat envelop you. As you turn on the engine you feel the powerful roar of the engine beneath you. You pull away effortlessly and glide through twisty country lanes with the gentle breeze in your hair....... sounds good eh? 

Try it for yourself. Put in as much detail as you can, really personalise it. What can you see, hear, feel, smell, touch even taste? I'm running a workshop today and I'll be using this technique with my group. Don't just read this and think - "oh yeah, sounds good, I'll have a go later". Give yourself 10 minutes right now to start creating your future. What are you waiting for?


Mr. Twenty Twenty said...

Awesome post!

Joe Vitale did the world a great service when he exposed millions of us to Neville Goddard.

Thanks for making a great and simple post on how to Nevillize your goals and your life!

We have a great discussion group, that studies Neville's lectures, one per week at:

Stop by, I would love to see you there!

Twenty Twenty

ROBIN said...

Thought that you did a great job in your article. I really love Vitale's material!

Skye Schachten said...

Thank you so much for clarifying what "nevillizie" means. You made my day!